SPA Connect returns to SCREEN FOREVER 2018

Following the success of the SPA Connect program at SCREEN FOREVER last year, we’re pleased to announce its return in 2018. The SPA CONNECT market grows annually, now accomodating 1,219 meeting opportunities over the three days, making SCREEN FOREVER the destination for Australian screen business.

Screen Producers Australia has long recognised the benefits that flow from connecting members with potential business partners and the importance of international partnerships in maintaining and growing successful Australian businesses.

SCREEN FOREVER serves to accelerate this process and SPA Connect has proven to be a key activity driver with numerous production deals stemming directly from meetings that took place at the International Partnership Market (IPM) and Domestic Partnership Market (DPM).

The key way to access the IPM and DPM is through Roundtables and Ready Steady Pitch!

Spots are booked on a first come, first served basis. Bookings open early November, and you must already be registered as a conference delegate to book. Enquire below to host a table.


Fun and fast pitching market.

Ready, Steady, Pitch! is a high energy, no second chances, fun and fast pitching market for delegates. You have just five quick minutes to pitch your project to broadcasters and production companies and you will then receive immediate constructive feedback.

Session time: 10 minutes


Relaxed and intimate networking event.

Roundtables are hosted by leading local and international guests who discuss in an informal setting their role and organisation, current trends, the types of projects currently being commissioned or financed and/or the services or facilities their organisation provides.

*Pitching is not permitted*

Session time: 25 minutes.

Want to host a table?