Five Reasons We Want To #SaveKidsTV

Australian children should have access to home-grown content on their screens. That’s the reasoning behind the #SaveKidsTV campaign, and it’s a view shared by Agnes Augustin, who will speak at SCREEN FOREVER for the first time this year. Augustin’s ongoing commitment to children’s programming lead to her current role as President and CEO of Shaw Rocket Fund, where she champions quality children’s and youth content for families to enjoy on all platforms.

“Agnes’ dedication to increasing the profile of her local children’s and youth media industry is poignant given the #SaveKidsTV campaign happening in Australia right now,” said Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner. “We know children are savvy media users looking for content specifically tailored for them.”

Augustin will speak on the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) sponsored session “Funding the Future – Kids TV at a Crossroads” and will be available to meet delegates at SPA CONNECT.

And that’s not the only opportunity to explore and discuss the world of children’s television at SCREEN FOREVER. In “Diversity and Representation in Kids Content: Mirror or Image?”, you’ll hear from trailblazers that are shifting the spectrum of Australian kids content and Australian identity from homogenous to authentic, rich and diverse with an accent on education and social inclusivity.

Animation, which is so often an integral part of screen content developed for children, is the focus of “Animating the Next Generation”, a session exploring Generation Z’s relationship to screen and technology, and how it has prompted a revolution in the creation and distribution of animated content. The SAFC-funded session “Adapting Family Classics for New Audiences” takes a look at putting a fresh face on much-loved tales that both children and adults enjoy.

Here are five reasons we want to #SaveKidsTV.

1. Education and familiarity

With an absence of local content to watch, Australian children will grow up without the experience of seeing children like themselves and their friends on screen. In addition, Australian children are likely to learn much less about Australia in their downtime if the lack of Australian screen content they view is supplemented by that from overseas.

2. High quality content

Australian screen businesses have demonstrated, time and time again, that they have the ability to create award-winning live-action and animated programs. So why always look elsewhere when we have talent and skills here?

3. Showing the world what Australia has to offer

Not only is it positive for Australian children to see Australian stories, but it’s inspiring to know that home-grown screen businesses are exporting their programs to the world. No-one else tells our stories quite like us, and these programs are often the first or only exposure that young children across the world will have to Australia.

4. Economic activity

The children’s television industry in Australia is made up of dozens of small to medium sized production businesses. These successful, internationally-renowned businesses employ thousands of Australian casts, crews and creatives, and generate economic activity for related industries.

5. Shared experiences

Many parents and carers grew up with plenty of Australian content on their screens. It’s only natural that they would hope for the same amount of unique, specific local content for their own children – bringing two generations (or more) together in a celebration of stories from their own backyard.

If you want to hear more about how to #SaveKidsTV, make sure to come along to SCREEN FOREVER. Tickets are available now.