Anita Sheehan is one of the founders of Porchlight Films.  Porchlight is a wholly independent production company making cinema and television drama for a worldwide audience.  We aim to produce premium quality content and have a talent-driven focus working with distinctive directors and writers and attracting marquee on-screen talent.

Porchlight’s productions, spanning over twenty years, includethe feature films Jasper Jones, The Hunter, Animal Kingdom, Little Fish, andMulletand the television series The Kettering Incidentand Laid. Most recently Porchlight produced Nakkiah Lui’s hit web series Kiki and Kitty. Porchlight has an active development slate of high-end television drama, comedy and feature films and we are currently in post-production on two features.  Porchlight often partners locally and internationally to finance and produce programs.

Anita Sheehan is Porchlight’s Managing Director and her Executive Producer credits include Jasper Jones, The Rover, Lore, The Kettering Incident and Kiki and Kitty.  Anita also manages Jetty Distribution which is the distribution and rights management arm of Porchlight Films.


Anita is hosting a Roundtable focused on Porchlight Films.


Managing Director