Network Ten

In the role as Head of Children’s Programming Cherrie presides over a multi-million dollar slate of production and has responsibility for policy, children’s productions, programming, commissions, acquisitions and program development.

This executive position takes a broad overview of all commissioned works, acquisitions, scheduling, all in-house productions, the international and local drama co-productions and responsibility for the Network’s compliance with the Children’s Television Standards and the FTA’S Code of Practice.

Over the past twenty-five years with the Ten Network, Cherrie has produced, developed and executive produced in-house programs such as Totally Wild (C), Scope (C), preschool programs: Crocamole Wurrawhy, Puzzle Play and In The Box, and the fun-filled Toasted Tv and Toasted Tvjunior. Her list of Australian drama commissions are award winning and broadcast in countries all around the world.  Programs like H2O, Mako – Island of Secrets, Animalia, Ku Ku Harajuku, Jar Dwellers, Sherazade Untold Stories, Random & Wacky and most recently, The Bureau Of Magical Things.

Cherrie is a passionate believer in quality shows being offered to young audiences, ones that stimulate, entertain and inform.

Throughout her career she has provided advice to Governments and Industry and represented Australia at a number of Conventions and Festivals all over the world.

Ready, Steady, Pitch!

Ten are looking for non-drama C programs with multiple platform opportunities.


Network Head of Children's Television