Growing up in Alice Springs, Isaac Elliott first started making films after a motorcycle accident left him confined to a wheelchair in 2007. Utilising his knowledge as a champion MX rider, his filmmaking career began by filming motorcycle races and editing short event documentaries, then filming the national racing series in 2009. Isaac moved to Melbourne full time to study film in 2011.  In 2013 his graduating short film, A Silent Waltz, went on to win awards both locally and internationally.  He followed this up in 2016 with his Honours level film, A Static Wind, which was awarded Best Tertiary Short Fiction at the 2016 ATOM awards, and a finalist position in the 2017 Lexus Australia Short film Fellowship.

Currently Isaac is teaching at Deakin University and has recently produced the feature documentary Finke: There and Back, which premiered in competition at Sydney Films Festival 2018 and is nominated for Best Feature Documentary at the 2018 SPA Awards. He has a slate of drama and documentary projects in development, including MaveriX, a children’s drama series.

As a wheelchair user his autobiography will definitely be called ‘Living life at butt level – The Isaac Elliott Story’.


Director/Producer/Film Maker

YOU CAN’T ASK THAT – Live Session

Conference Halls 1 & 2, Level 2

Modelled on You Can’t Ask That, this session brings a group of diverse screen practitioners together to face some hard questions about their roles and representation in the industry. Australia’s screen landscape publicly supports inclusivity, but is it privately still struggling to resolve the tension between content creation for mainstream and niche audiences? To what […]