Moneypenny has the experience across our international team of twenty-five personnel reflecting close to 40 years of providing financial management solutions in all continents and across all formats.  Moneypenny represents mydaEs, the most flexible production management, payroll, contracting and accounting software to streamline productions of all budget size and to facilitate a wholly paperless solution for the progressive thinkers.  Moneypenny has successfully facilitated more than 500 producer offset submissions since its introduction.  We have a wholistic and personal approach customising our range of services to the circumstances and resources of any production from early development through to distribution.

Jane Corden CEO has been at the helm since 1988 and now spends her time between the UK and Australia bringing a wealth of international experience having financially controlled projects in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Jane is passionate about developing systems and the role that the creative industries can play in a sustainable planet.

Jane is also a founder of Dame Changers an organisation promoting gender equality in the Australian industry via international and domestic relationships designed to fast track female led projects.


Jane will be hosting a Roundtable with Max Chen on “How to run a green, digital and paperless production office”.