Lou is a curious filmmaker, fascinated by the beauty of the ordinary world around her. Her passion for telling compelling, authentic stories and giving a voice to the stories of real people, has lead her to work across all kinds of content, with a strong focus on both documentaries and commercials. Lou loves working with all kinds of talent and believes that everyone has a unique story to share with the world. She delights in the incredible, unexpected and candid moments that can be delivered as people use their own words and voices to express how they see the world.

Lou’s first documentary ‘Blood, Sweat & Sequins’ was just picked up by Netflix globally. Lou’s aim whilst making the documentary to have 10 million people watch the film. During broadcast, it was a was a ratings hit, airing on SBS, SBS2, National Geographic, Fox, Stan, iTunes and GooglePlay plus various others networks overseas. The film has a 52’ minute duration and is a great little film, especially considering it was Lou’s first film. It was written, produced, directed and financed by the filmmaker.

Since then she has produced and directed Harry Kewell, cars, babies and chickens. Most recently her short social doco ‘zoe.’ about a little girl who thinks big, has been successful on the international film festival circuit playing, about 15 festivals to date. Lou has produced all kinds of projects from ten car commercials in a two-day shoot; through to a virtual reality ( VR ) project whose lead talent was only able to allocate 15 minutes for filming and was located on the other side of the world. Lou has directed several content video series for Toyota, CommBank, NAB, Fiat, DHA plus many more. Much of Lou’s filmmaking is exploring subculture and finding secret access to unusual people and places.

Lou loves flying and airports, which is fortunate as she is trans-state. Based in both Melbourne and Sydney, which keeps her Mum happy. Originally a Sydney girl, who lives in Melbourne but works in Sydney half of the year, she works as a local in both cities.

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