Nicholas Boshier started his career in entertainment as the manager/label of Australian singer/songwriter, Lior. From 2004-09 Boshier managed Lior’s career from the ground up, to selling 1 gold and one platinum album, independent of a record label. In 2009 Boshier began working with internationally acclaimed British artist, Passenger, on a concept record “Flight Of The Crow” – which also won Gold status in Australia.

Although still producing music, Boshier hung up his boots as a music manager of Lior late 2009 to pursue interests in writing and acting. Boshier is very much a product of the YouTube generation. With multiple strings to his bow, this chap is the creator of three YouTube sensations:

The infamous character Trent from Punchy – a lovable, slash, probably-dangerous junky from Punchbowl NSW. The animation Beached Az – the story of a whale that is beached.3. The Bondi Hipsters – the story of two Bondi based Hipsters who think they have the solution but are part of the problem.

In 2009/10 Beached Az was turned into 2 x 10 part series for the ABC. As an attachment to that series, Boshier produced, co-wrote and starred in The Making of Beached Az. This online, four part mockumentary series featured Boshier working with screen star Sam Neil (Jurassic Park), John Clarke (Everything that is good), Mckenzie Crook (UK Office, Pirates of The Caribbean).

In 2011/12 Boshier co-created the Bondi Hipsters with Christiaan Van Vuuren (Fully Sick Rapper, SICK). The Hipsters have become one of Australia’s most successful online properties to date. Along with a string of online “hits”, on September 7th 2015, The Bondi Hipsters released a track in collaboration with EDM demi-god Timmy Trumpet called, “Hipsta”, through Ministry Of Sound. Within 24 hours it had been viewed 500,000 times, shared 3000 times – within 3 days it made number 14# on the Australian dance charts.

Nick’s first step into live action TV, was #7DAYSLATER in 2013. Nick was the lead actor and co-created this first of its kind TV show #7DAYSLATER with Daley Pearson (Strange Calls ABC) for ABC2. The show won an EMMY AWARD © in 2014 in Cannes.

In 2015 Boshier and his Bondi Hipster partner  Christiaan Van Vuuren, won the GQ Comedic Force Of The Year Award.

In 2014 The Bondi Hipsters made the transition to TV in the creation of ABC TV show Soul Mates. Nick was a lead actor and co-creator of Soul Mates, with Christiaan and Connor Van Vuuren. Soul Mates season 1 aired on ABC2 in 2014, and due to it’s cult success made the jump to ABC 1 for Season 1. Soul Mates season 1 was acquired by NBCU’s Seeso and season 2 was a co-production between NBCU/Seeso and the ABC which was released September 2016.  The Bondi Hipsters song “Fuck The Banks” which appeared in Soul Mates Season 1 was nominated for an ARIA Award ‘Best Independent Release’ 2016.

In 2016/17 – Boshier created his sketch show concept Meanwhile, On Earth; a show made in collaboration with artists/actors/directors from around the world. His characters “The Chavs” made first headway getting hundreds of thousands of views and another character from the Meanwhile On Earth series “CASSIUS” will be appearing in FOX 8’s new Sketch show “The Slot” Produced by Princess Pictures (Summer Heights High ). Boshier’s characters The “Bondi Hipsters”, “Cassius” and “Trent From Punchy” appeared in ‘The Slot’ released December 2017.

In August 2017 Nick was the lead in pilot “Jeremy The Dud”, the trailer for which was viewed 5 million times. The project is now in development in the UK and AUS to turn into a TV Series. Nick is currently created the 3rd Beached Az animated series “Beached Aziversary supported by Screen Australia, the series will be based on issues pertaining to the health and plight of the oceans, set for release in March 2019. Nick has been cast in Ryan Chamley’s ‘Rostered On’ – shooting in Feb 2019, and set to be released later in 2019. Nick is currently developing two TV shows “Cassius” and “Brotherly” with princess Pictures and Debbie Leibling

As a consummate collaborator and a creative force, Boshier has crafted the creative pursuits of all manner with artists from around the world. Musicians, actors, writers and filmmakers are drawn to his enthusiasm, passion and talent. From the traditions of theatre to the cutting edge of New Media, Boshier’s remarkable ability to excel in any creative environment makes him a renaissance man for the 21st century.




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