Richard is an Executive Producer at the Australian Television and Media Group.

Over the past 12 months, he has delivered a six-part historical series filmed in the Middle East, a political documentary featuring prominent Australian politicians and media personalities, produced over 30 hours of brand-funded television programming, and is consulting on three independent documentaries and series currently in production.

He is also producing a brand-funded Christmas-themed television program and social media series, and an historical biographical documentary slated to be released in early 2019.

Richard has over 20 years of television and production experience in Australia and the UK.  He is passionate about telling Australian stories for local and international audiences and is always looking for new and innovative ways to find new audiences on alternate screens.


Richard is hosting a Roundtable on “Finding the right people to pitch your project to”.

Ready, Steady, Pitch!

The Australian Television and Media Group is looking for factual Australian content/projects that, with a little bit of development and know-how, will have the potential to connect with local and international audiences on traditional, streaming and alternate screens.

Think Forward, Think Outside the Box and don’t be afraid to Think Offline.


Executive Producer