Sarah is the Development Executive at Goalpost Pictures. At Goalpost Pictures, Sarah has worked on productions such as Fighting Season (Foxtel, Sky Vision), Leigh Whannell’s UPGRADE produced with Blumhouse, Cleverman(ABC TV, SundanceTV), Neil Armfield’s Holding The Man, Matthew Saville’s Felony, Wayne Blaire’s Top End Weddingwhich is currently in post-production, and Unjoo Moon’s I Am Woman, which is currently in production, along with a raft of projects in development. She draws on extensive experience in the Australian film and television industry, having also worked at Beyond Productions and Mint Pictures. Sarah has independently produced several short films and music videos, including for TEDxSydney, Phanosland’s Aphrodite’s New Order (Nowness) and Cosmo’s Midnight (Sony Music Australia). Sarah has a background in law, and previously worked as an entertainment lawyer at Media Arts Lawyers. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Media Arts and Production) and a Bachelor of Laws from UTS, where she was awarded the Thompson Reuters prize for Best Performance in Media Law.


Sarah is hosting a Roundtable with Ben Grant focused on Goalpost Pictures.


Development Executive