Since first elected in 2007, Sarah has worked hard to represent her home state of SA and to give a voice to those who are too often forgotten in Canberra.

Sarah believes that our economy must deliver for both people and planet. Our generation is the first to see the impacts of climate change – and we are the last who can stop it. There is no time to lose in reducing carbon pollution and moving to a zero-emission economy.

Sarah also understands the value of investing in our arts industry. Sarah has been a long term supporter of Australia’s arts industry. There are so many great stories to tell, from so many talented people across Australia and Sarah knows we need to continue to hear and see these.

Last year, Sarah established an inquiry into the Economic and Cultural Value of Australian Content, to shine a light on the contribution Australian-made film, television and music makes to our social and cultural fabric. Sarah wants laws and funding that empowers, enhances and emboldens Australian artists, in a thriving Australian content industry.

Sarah continues to be a strong advocate for making sure no-one is left behind as we transition to a cleaner and safer world.


Senator for South Australia

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