Sarah Keith has been described as a FIFO worker.

No – not fly in fly out…more like Fix It and F**k Off

This is the best explanation of why she has had so many roles

Channel 4, Global Radio, TEN, Austereo, SBS, Fox Sports and of course, most importantly Publicis Media

Another explanation is that she is old

After 25 years in the industry she has been lucky enough to have worked at some exceptional companies with some exceptional people.

Sarah started in sales but has since moved into pricing, operational and then strategy roles. The most left of centre role has had was at Fox Sports where unexpectedly she became known as the queen of pay per view and had to negotiate revenue splits with Danny Green, Anthony Mundine and the world famous Dana White from UFC.

Her relatively new agency role has been an eye opening, mind bending challenge. Ask her why in the coffee break.

No point really asking her what she does outside of work, her vintage has no dimmer switch, just on or off.


Head of Trading