Mentor: Virginia Whitwell, Madman Entertainment

Tina A.Wake is a Screenwriter/Producer/Director who has written over 50 feature screenplays, numerous TV pilots, web series and short films across all genres.

Tina is a Fashion Designer and Journalist by trade.  In her twenties she travelled around the world for over 7 years where she taught English in Japan and found a real lack of teaching resources for absolute beginners.

Tina is a mum and is passionate about kids, specifically how fast they learn through fun and play.  Tina has combined her filmmaking, teaching experience, fashion design and singing to create a niche, English teaching educational TV series for children aimed at the Asian market.

The show has 50 original songs, textbooks, puppets, cultural insights, an app and books engaging children and teachers in learning English through fun and play.

Tina is passionate, highly motivated with a real zest for life, and wants to bring the world closer together through language in her educational kids series.

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