You Can’t Ask That is one of Australia’s most thought provoking and confronting TV shows, deceptively simple in its execution and profound in impact. It is also one of the ABC’s and Australia’s biggest selling television formats, now exported to nine territories around the world.

In a SCREEN FOREVER first, Screen Producers Australia is excited to announce a live rendition of this award-winning ABC original series, complete with a callout now for questions from you, our delegates and producers.

The Screen Diversity Inclusion Network (SDIN) will present the session, which will tackle the issues surrounding inclusivity in and around screen production.

The You Can’t Ask That live session brings together a diverse group of panellists to discuss how their perceived ‘otherness’ works in a screen industry struggling to address issues around inclusivity and tokenism.

Indigenous and Polynesian TV writer and text-based artist, Enoch MailangiFinke: There and Backproducer, Isaac Elliott, feminist writer, actor, producer, Candy Bowers, Walkley-nominated documentarian, Patrick Abboud and award-winning writer, speaker and appearance diversity issues activist, Carly Findlay, will face some hard questions about their roles and representation in the industry. Comedian and ringmaster, Tim Ferguson, will act as Moderator, tackling the tough questions people have been too scared to ask, and the session will be introduced by SDIN Chair, Courtney Gibson.

Also in a SCREEN FOREVER first, the co-creators of You Can’t Ask ThatKirk Docker and Aaron Smith, will take part in a “how we make the show” case study, moderated by Jon Casimir, the third of the co-creators of the show and also Executive Producer of Interview with Andrew Denton. The session will cover the genesis of the program, the decisions that went into its creation, the many specific challenges of production and post-production and the tricks and techniques that have made it such a hit on television and online.


The You Can’t Ask That live session will take place from 4.30PM – 5.00PM on Tuesday, 20 November 2018. If you belong in one of these groups and have questions you want to ask, or if you are one of our delegates or producers with a question, no matter how contentious … submit it to with the subject line “You Can’t Ask That submission”.

The “Yes We Can Ask That” case study will take place from 10:30AM – 11:30AM on Thursday, 22 November 2018, both at the Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne.

SCREEN FOREVER: you can’t afford to miss it so don’t!